Kenner Embraces New ReStore

Kenner Mayor Ben Zahn had not heard of the ReStore before taking a field trip with his driver to New Orleans. What the mayor found was a place where the local community finds great deals on new or gently used materials for affordable home improvement. What he also found was a place where he loved to shop, a place that supported the community, and a place that could offer new jobs in Kenner.

He met Carmel Guitterrez, the cashier at the store on Williams Boulevard in Kenner, which is just a short walk from her home. Before the store opened in May 2019, she worked at the New Orleans store for several years, first as a volunteer and later as staff. “He came into the store and was tremendously impressed with our mission,” she said. “He fought extraordinarily hard for us and even sent customers our way.”

Zahn saw a place where jobs were being provided and families were working toward their goals of homeownership. The project was first presented in 2016 to then-acting Mayor of Kenner Mike Sigur. “Habitat explained what they wanted to do,” said Councilman Sigur. “The first thing my staff said was, ‘Wow, they really have their stuff together and know what they’re doing.’”

Sigur eventually moved to the Kenner City Council when Mayor Zahn took office. Not only does the store mean jobs in Kenner and raising awareness of Habitat’s mission, it means Mayor Zahn can find great deals.

“We are very happy to have the second ReStore in the New Orleans area located in Kenner,” Mayor Zahn said. “It’s a beautiful facility, and we want to thank Habitat for Humanity for what they do to help the community.”