Habitat Friends: Gloria and Trenace


The path to becoming a Habitat homeowner is full of excitement, anticipation, and hard work. Lots of hard work. Over the course of a year, the future homeowner must work sweat equity hours volunteering. Future homeowners who begin this process around the same time often get to know one another as they work side by side, first in the ReStore and then out on build sites. Because we know that we’re not only building homes, but also communities, we’re always delighted when future homeowners become friends. Here is the story of the first of two Habitat friendships.

When asked about their friendship, Gloria and Trenace are all smiles. These new neighbors finish each other’s sentences and throw their arms around each other’s shoulders. Each took a winding road to get here, but they’re happy to be on the journey.

Trenance Walker was born and raised in New Orleans, living in the 7th Ward until Hurricane Katrina forced her to relocate to Virginia for nearly a year. She was thrilled to choose a lot for her Habitat home back in the 7th Ward, and she’s proud to achieve the dream of homeownership, something her mother always longed for but was never able to attain. Gloria Poolaw was born and raised in Oklahoma, but she’s been happy to call New Orleans home for some time now. She’s overcome many challenges in building a life here. Becoming a homeowner is a symbol of all she’s achieved along the way.

When Gloria and Trenace met in the ReStore, they were delighted to learn that they had chosen lots just a few blocks apart on the same street. As they chatted, Gloria mentioned that she didn’t have a car, so the two women decided they would coordinate their volunteer hours to work together. Ever since, the duo has been a steady, sunny presence on our build sites. Trenace explains it like this: “Our first site we started out on was in the Ninth Ward, and ever since then we’ve been pals. Good buddies. So we’re on the journey together. We’re getting there!”

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