Habitat Friends: Gloria and Evelyn

During the partnership year, a lot happens both on and off the construction site. While the floor plans are being drawn and lots are being cleared, partners’ lives are ever changing. Some partners have gotten engaged, gotten promotions and raises at work, some have even gotten pregnant. For Gloria and Evelyn, during their partnership, they both got a new best friend.

The two women applied for and got into the First Time Homebuyers Program at the same time. They had never met before, but starting with their first day volunteering at the Restore, they became fast friends. “Everybody we worked with we got along with, but she and I were just special. We got along extra,” Evelyn said.

“We’re Habitat sisters! We’re best buddies. Like my sister,” added Gloria.

Throughout the process, from starting sweat equity hours to picking their lots to moving into their houses, Gloria and Evelyn were in it together. Now, four years later, they have settled into their houses, only five minutes apart, and still talk every day.

They completed all of their hours in the ReStore, sorting through donations, pricing and arranging them. They had been retired for years, but both said they enjoyed working again. “I loved working down there. I enjoyed it- meeting people, helping people to decide on what they wanted, talking with Gloria. You know, I’m used to working. I’ve worked just about all my life, and it was no different. It was a challenge, and I loved it,” said Evelyn.

Even now, four years later, the two still reminisce about working in the store, remembering the staff and other volunteers, and finishing each other’s stories about getting their hours and receiving the call they got the lots they wanted.

“When I found out, I was jumping for joy,” started Gloria.

“We both were jumping because they told us about the same time!” Evelyn continued. “I was at the hospital jumping for joy, and—“

“I was at the ReStore jumping for joy! The store manager said, ‘You got it!’ And I screamed ‘I got it, I got it!’ I was so happy.”

“And then we called each other, and really, that was a good time. It was good to share it with somebody, and I’m glad it was her.”

They shared good news with each other as well as guidance. Evelyn said, “If I didn’t know something, Gloria would tell me. It’s good to have someone you can rely on.”