Preparation & Resources

A Typical Volunteer Experience

You will receive an email 72 hours before your build date with the location you need to be at and the time of arrival. Please turn in your waiver form when you get there. There will be a short safety briefing after all volunteers have signed in. We do not require a formal orientation for volunteers, but do require them to be present for the safety briefing. Please keep your transportation nearby at this time, as you may be asked to work on a home within the surrounding neighborhood.

Following the safety briefing, you will be assigned to a home/project. This home/project may not be within walking distance of the meeting place for the safety briefing, but it will be in the same neighborhood, so please be prepared to possibly drive to a site nearby. We build new homes from the floor system to the roof, as well as work on existing homes that need repairs.

Depending on the need at the time, you will be assigned one or more tasks for the day


We currently have work sites in Orleans Parish. You will receive the address of your meetingsite location at least one week prior to your date, by email.


You will be working with a New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity member throughout the day. If you have previous experience with a certain skill and would like to utilize it, please inform your supervisor.

However, this does not ensure that you will be doing this line of work. Also, please inform your supervisor if you have any physical limitations, safety concerns, or are uncomfortable in any situation. Throughout the day, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask one of the Habitat staff.

We recognize many of our volunteers may have little or no construction experience, and we hope to make this a learning experience for everyone


You are required to wear closed-toed, close-heeled shoes ( sandals). Please remember that your clothes will likely become dirty. The weather fluctuates frequently, so please stay informed of weather conditions. If it is sunny, you may wish to bring sunglasses and sunscreen with you; if it is rainy, you may wish to bring a rain jacket. You may also wish to bring insect repellent. Please ensure that clothing is not too tight or too short.

In case of rain
If the weather forecasts rain for your volunteer date, please continue to report to the worksite in the morning. Often, volunteers are assigned to indoor tasks or to assist with protecting buildings and/or tools from the rain. It is very rare that we cancel a work day; however, if this is the case, we will do so on the work site that morning


Lunch will be midday based on tasks being performed during the build. Please coordinate your lunch break time with your site supervisor. Lunch will not be provided for you. You may bring your own lunch with you, have lunch catered for you, or choose to leave the site and eat lunch nearby.

Please bring a refillable water bottle with you to the worksite. Water coolers are provided. Stay hydrated during the day!


Volunteers are required to find their own transportation to and from the site. Transportation will not be provided for you. Volunteers often rent cars/vans or charter buses.

Again, please keep your transportation nearby at this time, as you may be asked to work on a home within the surrounding neighborhood.

Liability Waiver

Each volunteer must complete a waiver before volunteering. A parent/guardian must sign for minors. Please bring your NOAHH Waiver of Liability to the worksite

ReStore Volunteering

There are a multitude of volunteer opportunities to suit your interests and skills, whether you like up cycling, tinkering with furniture, or just chatting with or great customers! The following are common ways you can help:

  • Merchandising and creating decorative displays
  • DIY projects
  • Customer service
  • Stocking store shelves
  • Pricing inventory
  • Organizing the ReStore and the warehouse
  • Sales floor assistance
  • Furniture and appliance repair

You will have a fun and rewarding experience volunteering at the ReStore!

What You’ll Need


  • All volunteers must be 16 and older. For those volunteers who are under 18, we do ask that there is an adult present with them while volunteering.
  • For groups with youth under 18, we require a 5:1 ratio of youth to adults


  • Proof of vaccination for at least two shots
  • Water bottle
  • Closed-toe shoes
  • Comfortable clothing that can get dirty
  • NOAHH Waiver of Liability
  • Read the NOAHH Safety Manual
  • Code of Conduct

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the NOAHH Volunteer Office at 504-609-3339

Thank you so much for volunteering with us!