Advocacy Efforts

Advocacy efforts.

Cost of Home

NOAHH is part of Habitat for Humanity International’s Cost of Home campaign, through which you–volunteers, partners, and community members–can join us to help 10 million people have access to an affordable home.

Rent burden remains one of the biggest impediments to stability. No one should have to pay more than a third of their income on a home, and in our city, more than a third of all renters pay over half their income for rent. The complexities of the high costs of housing require advocacy and engagement across the country.

The Cost of Home initiative is a five-year campaign committed to to find solutions and help create policies that will allow 10 million people meet their basic needs. To be part of this campaign and use your voice and your vote to bring about a better world, sign up for our alerts (select “Cost of Home” on the form) that will let you know when you can take action by sharing social media posts, emailing your representatives, and speaking up in favor of policies that will change lives for generations.

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