Expanding Home Repair With SNAP


Aurlisa Isom’s porches were in a deplorable, unstable state. The railing was not properly braced, the vertical posts were spaced too far apart, and the steps were not wide enough. Katherine Randall, NOAHH A Brush With Kindness project manager, said “the porches were simply not up to code.” Angeline Ord’s home needed serious roofing repairs and new drywall needed to be installed and painted in several rooms throughout the house due to damage caused by the leaky roof.

Through its Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP), the Federal Home Loan Bank in Dallas (FHLB) offers grant funding for the repair of owner-occupied housing of eligible individuals. SNAP funds assist homeowners with necessary home repairs. In addition, funding is focused on health and safety repairs, not cosmetic renovations.

Funding is made through a member partner bank. NOAHH’s current member partner bank is Gulf Coast Bank & Trust. Because SNAP funding allows for repairs and renovations that are generally not covered by other grants, NOAHH is able to fund projects such as removal for safety reasons, termite treatments, remodeling of kitchen cabinets and countertops and plumbing repairs. This partnership between Gulf Coast Bank & Trust and NOAHH is helping to revitalize the city

At Angeline’s home, SNAP Funds helped NOAHH repair and seal windows and apply the roofing and sheetrock fixes she needed. She said, “Everything looks fantastic, just wonderful.” She also remarked that “the workmen were very neat and cleaned up after they finished the work!”

When the work was completed at Aurlisa’s house, she expressed her appreciation, “What a great job! The porches are now sturdy and safe to use.”

NOAHH extends special thanks to Gulf Coast Bank & Trust for all of their help making this possible.

SNAP by the Numbers

  • 2: FHLB offers grant funding in January and August
  • 1: First-come, first-serve basis
  • 60,000: Members may receive up to $60,000 in SNAP funds
  • 90: Within the first 90 minutes, funds are exhausted
  • 16: NOAHH awarded 16 SNAP Grants
  • 5,000: The SNAP award is $5,000 per household unless the member bank contributes $350, increasing the maximum to $6000

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