Donor Profile: Jewish FreeCycle

jewish freecycle

The New Year is always a good time for reflection. As we look back on the past year here at the Restore, we’re grateful for those donors who have generously given to us, allowing us to make quality, affordable furniture, building materials, and appliances available to our community. This week, we’re especially thankful for Jewish FreeCycle, a “grassroots nonprofit movement of generous donors and gracious recipients.”

At the ReStore, we often partner with area businesses, but we also take pride in working with local nonprofits such as Jewish FreeCycle. Begun in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Jewish FreeCycle seeks to connect donors’ resources with the appropriate charities. The FreeCycle mission sprang from a need that founders Abigail and Brian Danyleyko observed during the relief efforts for the hurricane.

The Danyleykos had been living abroad when Hurricane Katrina struck, and, like our Habitat staff and volunteers found motivation in the aftermath of the storm. The Danyleykos returned to New Orleans to discover many locals were without access to essential aide because of an inability to get the proper paper work and vouchers.  Says Abigail Danyleyko, “We vowed at that moment, in the same clothes we got off the plane with, with nothing, we vowed to fill a need if we find that need. No red tape, no bureaucracy. Regardless of race or creed.”

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Jewish FreeCycle is committed to the idea direct giving: without the middleman, Danyleyko says, direct giving “works for both sides—donors give and get hands on, personal experience and a feel for the actual need.” These ideas resonate with us here at Habitat, where our Partner Families work side-by-side with staff and volunteers in our ReStore and on construction sites.

In addition to its dedication to direct giving, Jewish FreeCycle is also committed to green practices like “upcycling, ecycling, re-purposing, re-gifting, and reusing,” which makes them excellent partners for the Habitat ReStore. Jewish FreeCycle first reached out to us a year ago with a donation of carpeting and flooring, and the feedback from the community was so great that they continued to give. “It all just snowballed,” says Danyleyko.

“We are proud to work in conjunction with the wonderful folks at Jewish FreeCycle. Together, we help supply the community with resources while keeping useful materials out of landfills,” says ReStore Manager Wesley Griffin.

To find quality items for a great price, come visit us at ReStore this week! We’re located at 2900 Elysian Fields Avenue, open from 10-6 Tuesday through Saturday.  Interested in donating? Swing by to drop your donation off, sign up for a pickup on our website, or give us a call at 504-943-2240.