Donor Profile: George Kellett & Sons Lumber

George Kellett & Sons is what Vice President CJ Wallace likes to jokingly call a “startup company.” Established in 1896, George Kellett & Sons is anything but: it’s a deeply rooted, family-owned building products company that has been serving the Greater New Orleans community for over a hundred years. As members of the U.S. Green Building Council, they’re equally dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future through conservation and green building practices.

cj Wallace
For the past two years, Kellett & Sons has been working toward that goal in conjunction with the New Orleans Habitat ReStore.  “For years,” Wallace says, “we had been disposing of goods by filling up landfills, throwing them in the garbage can to get rid of them…and I just thought that it would be a better outlet to donate it to the ReStore so that it could get to a customer base that might not be able to afford it otherwise.”

Kellett & Sons not only makes regular donations of doors, excess lumber in an assortment of lengths, and a great deal of MDF, medium-density fibreboard, that is used to board up windows in preparation for storms–they generously give their time and resources as well. For example, when the ReStore moved from its original location on Royal Street to its current location on Elysian Fields Avenue, Kellett & Sons rallied a crew of workers and vehicles to help.  Recently, they also contributed the use of one of their trucks when the ReStore had an extra large donation to pick up and bring in to the store. They are active, engaged partners of the ReStore who support our work whenever possible.

Kellett Logo

Partnerships with local businesses like Kellett & Sons enable the ReStore to fulfill its mission to build homes, community, and hope through their generosity. But what do our partners get out of their work with the ReStore? Well, part of it, according to Wallace, is the feeling of having given something back. “The Habitat folks at the ReStore are just good people that I’m proud to be involved with,” he says. “They serve a purpose and a need.”

To find quality items for a great price, come visit us at ReStore this week! We’re located at 2900 Elysian Fields Avenue, open from 10-6 Tuesday through Saturday.  Interested in donating? Swing by to drop your donation off, sign up for a pickup on our website, or call us at 504-943-2240.