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Core Volunteer Profile: Chuck Crabtree

Dennis, Kehoe, and Chuck sitting together.

What sparked your interest in volunteering with us?

After moving to Louisiana, I was interested in getting involved in post-Katrina recovery. Many worthy efforts were already underway, but volunteering with NOAHH was a natural choice.

What’s your favorite thing about volunteering?

I enjoy working with so many great people on projects that make a tangible difference to families and communities. It’s inspiring to work with volunteers and partner families who cheerfully give their time and effort, and there’s always something new to learn, especially from other core volunteers and staff. Seeing the team’s progress as a house takes shape is always fun, too.

What’s challenging about it?

Roofing in August. Seriously, some tasks are physically demanding and most of us usually go home tired at the end of the workday, but it’s a “good kind of tired.”

Could you tell me just a bit about your relationship with other core volunteers? Have you gotten to know others as you work with them?

Yes. I’ve enjoyed working with several of our core volunteers. It’s always a pleasure building with them, learning from them and catching up when we converge on a worksite (or a place for lunch!). They’re all motivated to make things better for families. “Uncle” Andy brings a great deal of building expertise and guidance, while always keeping it light with humor. Dennis and Temple provide leadership too; as well as thought-provoking banter—always a must when hoisting trusses! John’s energy and commitment to getting the details right has inspired us all.

Has anything about the experience surprised you? Anything you hadn’t expected going into it?

Recently, I saw an online map showing NOAHH worksites all over New Orleans. It was surprising to see the extent of our impact. It helped me see our efforts in a new light.

Anything else you’d like to share?

For anyone who has considered volunteering with NOAHH but hasn’t yet, I recommend it. You’ll be glad you did!

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