Bring Us Your Beads!

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Starting January 31 and running until the end of March, NOAHH ReStore and Arc of Greater New Orleans will be accepting all of your unwanted Mardi Gras beads for recycling. Bins will be set up in the ReStore where you can leave as many beads as you can carry. New or old, big or small, fancy or plain, we’ll take every bead you’ve got!

Every year, Arc of Greater New Orleans works with the Sierra Club to collect Mardi Gras beads, which are then sorted and sold to the krewes for the next year’s Carnival. The program is designed to support those with disabilities, protect our environment, create green jobs, and make it easier for krewes to purchase beads.

Join us during Carnival Time in keeping Louisiana beautiful. Every bead that you recycle will find its way to another Mardi Gras parade instead of a landfill!

Arc of Greater New Orleans has been an intrinsic part of the New Orleans since 1953, providing services and support for those with intellectual disabilities and their families. This is their first year partnering with NOAHH’s ReStore.