Bank of America Executives Faced the Heat and Lent a Hand

It may have been a scorching Louisiana summer’s day, but that did not keep Bank of America executives from volunteering with NOAHH on Tuesday.

About 30 people painted, spackled and worked with a hammer or two on a Central City home that will one day belong to Pedro and Maria Montoya. The crew expected to complete both the exterior paint and most of the interior. Despite the heat and hard work ahead of them, the group was looking forward to helping out, said Neil Dugan, product management executive.

“Bank of America has done quite a bit with [Habitat] in the past,” Dugan said. “We all are ready to get to work.”

The group also chatted about their past experiences with Habitat for Humanity. One woman told the group she had once worked on modular homes with another Habitat affiliate, framing an entire house, while another commented on how proud her more experienced family members would be of the work she did painting the front door.

“I don’t know what the group’s favorite part is going to be. It depends on everyone’s skills,” Dugan said, jokingly. “But looking back at the end of the day at what everyone accomplished is really going to be a treat.”

Dugan said they chose NOAHH because of what it had to offer.

Many of the volunteers work for branches across the country, making the Louisiana humidity an un-welcome surprise. One woman quietly joked about anti-humidity hairspray, while others discussed a different aspect of their trip to New Orleans: the food. Ken Harroun, Detroit, Mich., happily recounted his dining experience at Palace Café.

“I had some kind of crawfish caprese with the fresh mozzarella,” Harroun said. “The second I tasted it…I could feel my stomach smiling,”

Overall, the group stayed positive despite the merciless sun.

“It’ll be a great opportunity and a good marriage for us,” Dugan said.