Staff Directory

Find below a listing of New Orleans Habitat staff, in alphabetical order by last name:

Richard Alves
Kenner ReStore Manager
p. 504-273-4700

Alix Aucoin
Event Management Coordinator
p. 504-609-3346

Allen Bell
Director of Strategic Planning
p. 504-609-3345

Harry Bruns
Director of Retail Services and Growth Initiatives
p. 504-609-3339

Kieran Bulger
New Orleans ReStore Manager
p. 504-831-7991

Tom Exnicios
Chief Financial Officer
p. 504-754-5897

Mary Guarisco
Property Manager
p. 504-609-3341

Sheldon Harrison
ReStore Logistics Manager
c. 504-496-3909

Bradley Holland
Director of Construction

Jay Huffstatler
Chief Advancement Officer
p. 504-609-3332

Vivian Kain
Project Manager
p. 504-609-3348

Lindsey Lohr
Donor & Volunteer Relations Specialist
p. 504-609-3339

Patricia Mariani
Homeowner Services Case Manager
p. 504-609-3352

Leo Marsh
Advocacy and Community Engagement Manager
p. 504-586-0415

Warren Mathews
Director of Purchasing and Property
p. 504-609-3329
c. 504-330-1888

Marguerite Oestreicher
Executive Director
p. 504-609-3335
c. 504-638-5337

Tim O’Rourke
Director of Operations
p. 504-861-2298
c. 504-913-1989

AJ Placide
Director of Human Resources
p. 504-265-1053

Lynn Plaisance
Director of Homeowner Services
p. 504-861-2077

Diane Prevost
Home Repair Administrative Assistant
p. 504-861-2077

Richelle Romero
ReStore Donations Manager
c. 504-407-1721

Tim Thomasson
Director of Home Repair
p. 504-218-5974

Alex Wesley-Smith
Grants Manager
p. 504-609-3327