2900 Elysian Fields Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70122
between I-10 and I-610
Tuesday - Saturday
10:00 am until 6:00 pm

To schedule a pick-up, call:
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New Orleans ReStore News and Events

Upcycled Art at the Home and Garden Show

The NOAHH ReStore partnered with local artists this year to feature works created from materials at the ReStore in an art auction during the 2015 New Orleans Home and Garden Show. Called Upcycle, Recycle, New Cycle, the auction featured everything from repurposed television sets to chairs turned into paintings, from lamps built from PVC to re-imagined furniture. The artists came from around Southeast Louisiana, and their work exemplified one of the many benefits of the ReStore: finding new life for... Read More »

Coq Rouge to Host ReStore Art Show

Continuing NOAHH's commitment to the artists of New Orleans, the ReStore will be holding an art show in partnership with Coq Rouge Gallery at 905 Cadiz St. in New Orleans on Saturday, September 27 from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The show will feature local artists using materials acquired from the ReStore to create new art works, most of which will be auctioned off, with all proceeds going to NOAHH. Admission is free. "We are promoting a culture of creative reuse in the city," said ReStore director Wesley... Read More »

Volunteer Profile: The Breaux Family

For the past several months, we've spotlighted our generous donors, the businesses and individuals that fill our store with furniture, appliances, and building materials. This week, we’re focusing on another aspect of the ReStore: our volunteers. When the ReStore recently received a large donation from the International Floriculture Expo at the Convention Center, we knew exactly which hard working volunteers to call in for some extra help: Lynn and Byron Breaux. This brother and sister... Read More »

Customer Profile: Audiowood and WWOZ

Every item that passes through the ReStore has a story, and each of those stories has a beginning, middle, and end. We know the beginning of the story because we talk to our donors: often they’ll tell us where their couch, shutters, or stoves came from and explain to us why it’s time to pass them on. Once they reach the ReStore, the donated items takes their place among the other furniture, building materials, and appliances that were generously given to us. Here, customers examine the... Read More »

NOAHH ReStore and Freeman Convention Services Make Giving Back Easier

Conventions are a part of New Orleans life. The same qualities that attract thousands of tourists and volunteers every year also bring the annual gatherings of many organizations, intent on enjoying the often clement weather, the promise of world famous hospitality, food, and music, and the chance to give back. NOAHH has had many successful partnerships with the many conventions that come to the city, and in recent years, many of them have also found a way to expand their impact (and save a little... Read More »

Donor Profile: Art Egg

Like New Orleans itself, the ReStore is a diverse, DIY-type community of artists and entrepreneurs. From our cashiers to our customers, everyone at the ReStore likes to get involved, get their hands dirty, and create something new. This month, we’re grateful to our new partners at ArtEgg Studios, whose environmental practices and mission to foster a creative community jibe so well with our own. ArtEgg Studios is a multi-use rental building in the Broad Street Cultural Products District that... Read More »

Donor Profile: Ashley Furniture

The ReStore is a lot of things to a lot of different people. To some homeowners who are renovating, we’re a one stop shop for furniture and building materials. To renters or college students who are moving or downsizing, we’re a reliable pickup service that will take that couch and loveseat off their hands. And increasingly, the ReStore is taking on another role: to many local businesses, we’re a great way to give back to and participate in the community. This week, we’re... Read More »

NCCC Peanut Butter Food Drive to Benefit Second Harvest Food Bank

The inspiration to try to make a difference comes in unexpected ways. Those working for nonprofits and charities are always looking for ways to expand their impact, and a random fact can inspire a chain reaction. Peanut butter, AmeriCorps NCCC Christian Hunter (pictured left) discovered, is an ideal staple food. Reading on dosomething.org, he discovered that the common lunch item is high in protein and has a remarkably long shelf life, making it perfect for food drives. Inspired, he chose to host... Read More »

Donor Profile: Cameron Kitchen & Bath Designs

Our donors give for a variety of reasons--a move, a renovation, an upgrade—but they all have one thing in common: our mission to eliminate substandard housing resonates with them. Cameron Kitchen & Bath Design is just such a donor, who found that their charitable giving aligned perfectly with the ReStore’s mission and practices. Founded in 1952, Cameron Kitchen & Bath Designs furnishes and installs kitchens and bathrooms across the whole Mississippi Gulf Coast area, relying... Read More »

New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity ReStore Accepting Donations from Film and Television Industry

The New Orleans Habitat ReStore is accepting donations of furniture and building materials from local film and television sites. "Our customers love it," said Wesley Griffin, New Orleans Habitat ReStore Director. "Even when it’s raw, used building materials, there’s an added sense of glamour to it. They’re buying memorabilia that’s going to be used in their homes." The New Orleans Habitat ReStore offers a free pickup service to all donations of materials, and most donations... Read More »

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