A Brush with Kindness

New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity (NOAHH) is addressing blight through our new A Brush with Kindness (ABWK) program.  ABWK is an exterior home preservation service that provides painting, landscaping and minor repair services for homeowners in need. It helps low-income homeowners who struggle to maintain the exterior of their homes, reclaim their homes with pride and dignity. ABWK volunteers will help homeowners with exterior painting, exterior handicap ramps and other accessibility needs, minor exterior repairs, yard clean-up & landscaping, and sidewalk repairs.

Homeowner Requirements
  • Owner occupied, single-family home
  • House income of 80% or less of the area median income
  • Must be willing to partner with NOAHH and unable to afford necessary home improvements and or unable to complete the tasks due to age, disability or circumstance
  • Complete sweat equity hours
    • Homeowner and/or household members must complete 8 hours prior to NOAHH working on their ABWK project
    • Homeowner and/or household members must be present and engaged at their home while NOAHH and volunteers are working on their repairs
  • Payment prior to work being performed--up front payment corresponds to the homeowners income bracket:
    • 0-20% area median income (AMI) = $50
    • 21-40% AMI = $100
    • 41-60% AMI = $200
    • 61-80% AMI = $300

Income Guidelines
The homeowner’s annual gross (before taxes) income must be below the maximum income shown in the chart.

2015 Income Guidelines

 Family Size
  80% of Median Income
 One  $33,600 ($2,800 / month)
 Two  $38,400 ($3,200 / month)
 Three  $43,200 ($3,600 / month)
 Four  $48,000 ($4,000 / month)

For more information, email or call 504-861-2077 extension 225.