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NOAHH and St. Roch CDC Dedicate New Home for the Watkins Family

A warm and breezy Sunday afternoon brought together New Orleans Habitat and St. Roch Community Development Corporation to dedicate a home on Spain St. in St. Roch to Pastor J.B. Watkins, his wife Stephanie and their three children. The Watkins family graciously accepted symbolic house-warming gifts and the key to their brand new home from friends and members of their congregation as a sign of the devotion the Watkins are bringing to St. Roch.. “We are grateful that this reality will take... Read More »

NOAHH Planting for the Future with NOFTP

This fall, the New Orleans Fruit Tree Project (NOFTP) will be bringing their trees to NOAHH's homeowners! NOFTP is a program that harvests fruit throughout New Orleans to provide fresh fruit for local nonprofits that address hunger, including Second Harvest Food Bank and the Tulane Community Health Center at Covenant House. They have worked with NOAHH in the past and are currently partnering with us to bring satsuma, Meyer lemon, and kumquat trees to homeowners who opt in to their program. The... Read More »

Williams Home Dedication

Family and friends gathered with NOAHH staff, AmeriCorps, and volunteers to celebrate the dedication of Glen Marie Williams' new home in New Orleans East, bringing the traditional symbolic gifts and a warm welcome to her new home. Williams lived in the Desire Projects for 40 years before she discovered NOAHH, raised by a single mother who worked two jobs to take care of her kids. She learned of the program from her cousin Karen, who was already a NOAHH homeowner, and she spent her time in the... Read More »

World Habitat Day 2014

"No mother should have to put their children to bed in crowded, substandard housing; no senior should have to spend their days in drafty, leaking housing; and no physically-challenged person should have to suffer the indignity of living in inadequate, inaccessible housing. Our ultimate goal is the eradication of poverty housing in the New Orleans area, in partnership with other non-profits, the government, private landlords and individual citizens. Working together, we can make sure that every person... Read More »

NOAHH in the Classroom

In 2013, NOAHH partnered with Metairie Park Country Day and the Brown Foundation to create a pilot service learning program that could possibly expand to other schools to help educate students on the Habitat program, poverty housing, and the specific needs of the New Orleans community. The program brings NOAHH staff to the classroom to teach the students directly, and it brings the students to the work site to learn first hand about Habitat. On Saturday, September 20, this year's class participated... Read More »

NOAHH to Host AmeriCorps Build-A-Thon in May 2015

NOAHH is happy to announce that the affiliate is hosting the 20th annual AmeriCorps Build-A-Thon May 19 to 30, 2015, to rebuild America St. in New Orleans East. Over 600 current AmeriCorps and alumni, as well as volunteers, Habitat families, and other partners will converge on New Orleans over the course of two weeks for a 10-home blitz build and neighborhood revitalization projects, including A Brush With Kindness. Today, the 2014-15 class of AmeriCorps was sworn in in a ceremony in New Orleans... Read More »

Reflecting on Nine Years of Rebuilding

“"As we consider the enormous loss endured by the people of our community, we are motivated by both that memory of grief and by the resilience evident in the support given to us by our friends and partners these last nine years to continue our commitment to rebuilding and revitalizing New Orleans.".” Jim Pate, NOAHH Executive Director In the nine years since Hurricane Katrina, NOAHH has gone from gutting houses when there was no infrastructure to being the largest homebuilder in the... Read More »

Chefs and Gardeners Come Together at NOAHH HUG Garden Party

Syrena Johnson never expected to be a chef. Growing up, she helped cook for her family, but she did not expect to one day be receiving the Chefs Move! Scholarship, much less become the first graduate of that program. The opportunity arose while she was working for Liberty's Kitchen, and she made the most of it. She has been fortunate enough to work with many of New Orleans' finest, and while she worked at Restaurant August, Chef Michael Gulotta (who now co-owns MoPho) took her under his wing. From... Read More »

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