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Specific questions from the media can be directed to Marguerite Oestreicher at (504) 861-2077 ext. 239.

20 for 20 at Dirty Coast! Support NOAHH on August 20th!

This August 20, all profits from locally oriented t-shirt and apparel company Dirty Coast will be sharing 20% of their profits with NOAHH for their 20 on 20 program. In 2014, Dirty Coast has selected 12 nonprofits as beneficiaries of their support, focusing on one on the 20th of each month. Dirty Coast has two stores in the New Orleans area, but you can also participate online! For any sale made by Dirty Coast on August 20, 2014, at any time of the day (so long as it is August 20 in the central time... Read More »

Havilah Malone Joins Crossroads Cincinnati on Site

Thursday, July 24, TV host and motivational speaker Havilah Malone joined NOAHH staff and volunteers on site to speak with them about three of NOAHH's programs--our homeownership program, our ABWK program, and our HUG Initiative. She is the host of Inside Havilah's Corner, which airs on My54 WUPL-TV, and she has spent most of her career in media trying to find ways to help others, from her role in the Style Networks TV show The Amandas to her current talk show and live radio show at the Therapy Ultra... Read More »

The Carr Family's New Home Is Dedicated in New Orleans East

As nearly 100 volunteers gathered from the Cincinnati Crossroads group, Kewanda Carr read her carefully chosen thank yous through tears of joy. Her family and friends had gathered along with NOAHH staff to celebrate the dedication of her new home, and she had nothing but gratitude for the opportunity she had been given. In return, there was nothing but admiration from all gathered for her achievement as the volunteers took part in the traditional dedication ceremony, presenting symbolic gifts of... Read More »

Celebrating Through Community Service

For Marrero resident Ashley Hebert's 16th birthday, she chose a very different kind of celebration. Though her parents surprised her with a party afterward, she spent most of her day working on a Habitat work site. That first year, she convinced her family and friends to spend a day on site with her, and when it was all over, she was almost too tired to celebrate. "Everything was so good for me, I thought I should give back," she said. According to her mother, she has always been concerned for others. "She... Read More »

NOAHH's Tithe Partner: Habitat Kyrgyzstan

A little over 15 years ago, Eric and Tanya Weaver came to NOAHH Executive Director Jim Pate (then with the Dallas affiliate) with a request. They wanted to start a Habitat for Humanity affiliate in Kyrgyzstan. All Habitat affiliates tithe a portion of their fundraising to Habitat for Humanity International in order to support national affiliates across the globe, and they can select which affiliate their support goes to. The Weavers requested Jim choose their new affiliate as the beneficiary of the... Read More »

NOAHH Partners With the New Orleans Mission and the NET Charter High School

Renewal is at the heart of NOAHH's cause. Every homeowner in our program is working toward a new life, a chance to make things better for themselves and their families. Our affiliate has also been at the center of the rebuilding efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, a task that is ongoing even 9 years later. Nothing our affiliate does isn't part of seeking some form of renewal, even our New Orleans Habitat Urban Garden Initiative or our A Brush With Kindness program. In every aspect of our organization,... Read More »

The Hicks Family Celebrates Their New Home

Under threat of rain, some 70 volunteers gathered at the home in Central City to celebrate the dedication of Julie Hicks' new home. Coming from across the U.S. and from right here in New Orleans, the volunteers came in from other worksites around the city to cap of a long day of hard work with a ceremony marking the completion of the Hicks family's house. The volunteers from Jesuit High School, Urban Youth for Africa, and the Catholic Heart Workcamp joined NOAHH in the ceremony, giving Julie the... Read More »

The Middlebush-Boehm Family Celebrates Their New Home

Standing on the porch of his new four bedroom home, Charles Boehm (who sometimes goes by "Chase") laid his arm around Family Services Director Anna Danese as he sought the words to express his gratitude. As he looked out over the crowd of a few dozen volunteers, still muddy from their morning on the work site, he repeated his thanks to them and others like them who had made his dream of homeownership possible. Chase Boehm and Lindsey Middlebush are the parents of three girls, Chloey Rei, Phoebe,... Read More »

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