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AmeriCorps From Around the Country Reflect on the First Week of Build-A-Thon

Nearly 200 AmeriCorps from Habitat for Humanity affiliates all over the country have made the first week of Build-A-Thon a great success. The first wave of inspections have all been passed, and drywall is already going in at each site. Though many of the visiting AmeriCorps have been working as construction crew leaders at their home affiliates, some have taken a week off office work to swing a hammer in the hot sun. No matter what kind of service they've been doing, they've all turned into pros... Read More »

Core Volunteers Help Lead During AmeriCorps Build-A-Thon

One of the most important parts of any affiliate is its core volunteers. They are volunteers who donate their time and hard work to building homes, helping in the ReStore, or assisting in the office. The construction core volunteers are essential for leading other volunteers and supporting site supervisors with their experience and familiarity with the local builds. During Build-A-Thon, NOAHH's core volunteers have gone above and beyond in contributing their time and energy to making the event a... Read More »

Sheryl Crow and Blue Jeans Go Green Visit Build-A-Thon

A cheer went up at the house at 4925 America. Employees and board members of Cotton, Inc. gathered on the second day of Build-A-Thon to begin installing denim insulation. The volunteers would spend the day working hard on site, installing insulation and helping with framing, roofing, and more, as well as running a Denim Recycling Station. Their Blue Jeans Go Green program collects old denim to be recycled into the very insulation they were installing. Leading the charge was the day's most celebrated... Read More »

Old Friends Join NOAHH for Build-A-Thon

Early in the morning, before the volunteers began hammering, the voice of experience was overheard on site explaining one crucial piece of construction strategy: "We tune them both to the classic rock station, and we leave that radio out here. We'll put the newer one under the house, so it echoes," said Aaron Frumin, a former NOAHH construction site supervisor who has joined NOAHH as a volunteer for Build-A-Thon. The house he's leading is almost completely wrapped and roofed just two days later,... Read More »

Betty Shirley Celebrates Her New Home in Treme

In the spirit of the jazz music that is her livelihood, Betty Shirley's dedication included a lot of improvisation. Friends, family, and volunteers joined her in touring her home before and after the ceremony, and throughout the ceremony, Ms. Betty took time to say a few words when a close friend or a longtime volunteer or staff member who had helped rehab her home was recognized. From her good friends who helped her with sweat equity to the core volunteers and site leaders who worked so hard on... Read More »

Syrena Johnson's Inspiring Journey to Homeownership

As a fifteen year old, Syrena Johnson evacuated New Orleans with her family after spending a week surrounded by flood waters in her Uptown home. Without electricity, they had to sleep in a screened-in porch until the National Guard found them. Because their rescuers lacked room in the boat, only Syrena and her mother were able to evacuate at that time, separating them from the rest of her family. From there, her journey took her to Corpus Christi and then to Houston. Eventually, her family reunited,... Read More »

The Garcia Family Comes Home

On Friday, April 17, Maria Garcia closed on her new home. Hours later, her friends, family, and NOAHH staff and volunteers joined her at her brand new home in St. Roch to celebrate this milestone. Her family and co-workers cheered as she accepted traditional gifts from NOAHH staff, including the symbolic key to her home from site leader Tyler White, who was the construction site leader for her house and worked alongside Garcia as she finished the 350 hours of sweat equity required by the NOAHH homeownership... Read More »

Easter Greetings From Kyrgyzstan!

Our friends at Habitat for Humanity Kyrgyzstan--one of our tithe partners--have sent us an amazing update and Easter greeting that we wanted to share with all of our supporters! Every affiliate of Habitat for Humanity has partners to whom they tithe a portion of their donations, so that the fight against poverty housing can reach every corner of the globe. You can read more about how NOAHH partnered with Habitat Kyrgyzstan here. To read their newsletter update, click here, and click the image... Read More »

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