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Syrena Johnson's Inspiring Journey to Homeownership

As a fifteen year old, Syrena Johnson evacuated New Orleans with her family after spending a week surrounded by flood waters in her Uptown home. Without electricity, they had to sleep in a screened-in porch until the National Guard found them. Because their rescuers lacked room in the boat, only Syrena and her mother were able to evacuate at that time, separating them from the rest of her family. From there, her journey took her to Corpus Christi and then to Houston. Eventually, her family reunited,... Read More »

The Garcia Family Comes Home

On Friday, April 17, Maria Garcia closed on her new home. Hours later, her friends, family, and NOAHH staff and volunteers joined her at her brand new home in St. Roch to celebrate this milestone. Her family and co-workers cheered as she accepted traditional gifts from NOAHH staff, including the symbolic key to her home from site leader Tyler White, who was the construction site leader for her house and worked alongside Garcia as she finished the 350 hours of sweat equity required by the NOAHH homeownership... Read More »

Easter Greetings From Kyrgyzstan!

Our friends at Habitat for Humanity Kyrgyzstan--one of our tithe partners--have sent us an amazing update and Easter greeting that we wanted to share with all of our supporters! Every affiliate of Habitat for Humanity has partners to whom they tithe a portion of their donations, so that the fight against poverty housing can reach every corner of the globe. You can read more about how NOAHH partnered with Habitat Kyrgyzstan here. To read their newsletter update, click here, and click the image... Read More »

Two New Homes in New Orleans East

Friday, March 20, student volunteers, NOAHH staff, and the Kennedy family gathered at Tamika Kennedy's new home in New Orleans East to celebrate the final milestone on Tamika's road to homeownership. A week later, Friday, March 27, the Harris family joined Quenetria "Que" Harris at her home a few blocks away, coming together to honor the completion of a home that had seen major donors and convention groups, student volunteers and individuals over the course of its construction. Home dedications... Read More »

NOAHH Celebrates 100th ABWK

David Cotton, a retired art teacher, bought his home in Central City in 1968. His wife and mother-in-law picked it out, and he paid for it. They liked the neighborhood, which they had lived in before. Over the years, it's changed little. A new hospital, restaurants over on Freret, and a few other new buildings have been built, but the neighbors are still the same. It still has easy access to public transportation and downtown, and it's still the place he calls home, even after flood waters ruined... Read More »

Juilliard Students Perform for Volunteers

It all started as an expression of gratitude. On an alternative spring break trip seven years ago, students from the Juilliard School had been spending the day on Ferry Place, a short street in the Carrollton area of New Orleans that has now been completely revitalized by the building of fourteen homes. The students had been working on three of those homes alongside students and other volunteer groups, and they decided they would show thanks to those who had joined them on site that week with a little... Read More »

Twelve New ABWK Repair Projects Made Possible by SNAP Grants!

NOAHH is excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas (FHLB) and State Investors Bank to bring affordable home repair to a dozen local families. The Special Needs Assistance Program (SNAP) is a program run by the FHLB that provides funding for home repair projects for those who might not otherwise be able to complete them, making it a natural fit for our A Brush With Kindness program. NOAHH took this opportunity to address several larger projects that have... Read More »

Students Return to NOAHH for Alternative Spring Break

This spring, over 1,600 students will join NOAHH on the build site as spring break volunteers, and many of the schools will be volunteering for the tenth time since their partnership began as a response to Hurricane Katrina. Over 75% of the schools are returning for at least the second time, and most of the returning schools have volunteered at least five times in the past. As the affiliate commemorates the decennial anniversary, we are seeking to honor many of the partners who have made these last... Read More »

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