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Georgetown Prep Volunteer Reflects on Ten Years of Serivce

Photo credit: Patrick Boyland Every year for the last ten years, Georgetown Prep students have taken time out of their summer break to join NOAHH on site in the heat and humidity. Though the details vary with each class, the students are required to spend a portion of their senior year doing community service, and different service trips are available to each student. Patrick Boyland chose to come to New Orleans in 2006 simply because it was a new place to see and experience, but what he found... Read More »

Veterans Give Back

Officers of the Department of Veterans Affairs police joined NOAHH on site for the second time on Saturday, June 20. Though they enjoyed giving back the first time they worked with NOAHH, their latest trip held special meaning, because the new home will be going to a veteran, one of NOAHH's newest partner families, Claudius Miller. Miller comes from a family with a military history. His father was in the Navy, and all but one of his brothers served in the military. He served in the U.S. Air Force... Read More »

The Parish: An AmeriCorps Story Writer Joel Smith on Site During Build-A-Thon

In 2007, Joel Smith was an AmeriCorps NCCC working for NOAHH in St. Bernard Parish at the original Camp Hope, only a year and a half after the hurricanes and levee failures. Though his AmeriCorps journey took him all around the country, his eight weeks building floor systems for NOAHH remains one of the most formative chapters of his life, and that story is now told in the graphic novel The Parish: An AmeriCorps Story, and for every one sold, a dollar is donated to NOAHH! Smith and his illustrator... Read More »

The Mimitte Family Is Building a Habitat Legacy

On Saturday, Patrice Mimette's home will be dedicated along with the nine others being built during Build-A-Thon. It will be the second time her home has been part of a NOAHH home dedication. When she was 12 years old, her mother, Patricia, also became a Habitat homeowner. Twenty years later, Patrice is hard at work on site at Build-A-Thon on her home in New Orleans East and Patricia has just (as of May 17) paid off her mortgage! As a child, Patrice and her sister helped her mother with her sweat... Read More »

An Evening With Clive Rainey

Tuesday night, Clive Rainey, Habitat for Humanity's first volunteer, joined volunteers, NOAHH staff, and neighbors to speak about faith, volunteering, and more on site at Build-A-Thon after a long day working hard on site on Ray St. at one of our BAT houses. Clive joined HFHI on April 1, 1977, six months after its founding. Clive worked for 2.5 years with founders Millard and Linda Fuller in the early days doing whatever was needed. After starting Habitat’s work in two African nations... Read More »

A Little Wind and Rain Won't Stop Build-A-Thon

It's raining! The second week AmeriCorps' first day on site saw a little bit of inclement weather, but a lot of progress was made on the homes all the same. As the dark clouds rolled in late in the day, volunteers came down from roofs and ladders for the sake of safety, but there was plenty of interior work to be done on most of the houses. Though construction shut down for the thunder and lightning, everyone was able to get to safety in plenty of time, and soon after, the clouds moved on. The... Read More »

"Pass the Hammer" Party on the Creole Queen

Over 500 active service AmeriCorps, alumni, Habitat staff, partner families, and friends gathered on the Creole Queen Sunday night to celebrate the end of the first week of Build-A-Thon and "pass the hammer" from the first week's group to the second. The celebration took place on the paddlewheeler the Creole Queen on the Mississippi River, and Big Sam's Funky Nation entertained the guests during a short cruise by the picturesque riverfront along the French Quarter. NOAHH executive director Jim Pate... Read More »

AmeriCorps From Around the Country Reflect on the First Week of Build-A-Thon

Nearly 200 AmeriCorps from Habitat for Humanity affiliates all over the country have made the first week of Build-A-Thon a great success. The first wave of inspections have all been passed, and drywall is already going in at each site. Though many of the visiting AmeriCorps have been working as construction crew leaders at their home affiliates, some have taken a week off office work to swing a hammer in the hot sun. No matter what kind of service they've been doing, they've all turned into pros... Read More »

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