New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity

New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity’s mission is to build houses in partnership with sponsors, volunteers, communities, and homeowner families, whereby families are empowered to transform their own lives and to eliminate poverty housing in the New Orleans area while serving as a catalyst to make decent shelter a matter of conscience and action.

Why we do what we do

New Orleans is a city with historically low rates of homeownership and high levels of poverty, yet it is a place of resiliency, hope, and cultural vibrancy. With a spirit of renewal, NOAHH is rising to the challenges presented by a substandard housing stock and is helping many to realize their dream of homeownership.

NOAHH Celebrates 100th ABWK

David Cotton, a retired art teacher, bought his home in Central City in 1968. His wife and mother-in-law picked it out, and he paid for it. They liked the neighborhood, which they had lived in before. Over the years, it's changed little. A new hospital, restaurants over on Freret, and a few other new buildings have been built, but the neighbors are still the same. It still has easy access to public transportation and downtown, and it's still the place he calls home, even after flood waters ruined... Read More »

Juilliard Students Perform for Volunteers

It all started as an expression of gratitude. On an alternative spring break trip seven years ago, students from the Juilliard School had been spending the day on Ferry Place, a short street in the Carrollton area of New Orleans that has now been completely revitalized by the building of fourteen homes. The students had been working on three of those homes alongside students and other volunteer groups, and they decided they would show thanks to those who had joined them on site that week with a little... Read More »

Kicking Off Build-A-Thon With VMware

Syrena Johnson's voice didn't carry quite like the others. She stood on the floor system of her in-progress home and thanked the crowd of about 400 volunteers from VMware for making her dream of homeownership come true, quietly speaking about how she is honored to be able to achieve her dream at such a young age. She clutched the microphone and spoke of her life. Despite only being in her early 20s, Syrena has accomplished much. She was the first recipient of the Chefs Move! Scholarship, which sent... Read More »

Happy New Year!

Thank you for your support! End of year giving has been phenomenal in 2014! The donations you have given will bring new homes (and more) for many hard working local families. You are New Orleans. Next year will prove to be a major year in our affiliate's ongoing commitment to New Orleans. With the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the event that brought support and attention from around the world to NOAHH, we hope to honor both the losses from the storm and progress that has occurred in the... Read More »

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Tuesday to Saturday
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.